The exact coverage that you get depends on the vehicle but this illustration can be used as a general guideline.


BASIC Hood Kits are much smaller than a Standard Kit.  They are basic, inexpensive, and easy to install.

  • Costs less than a Standard Kit.

  • HOOD ONLY - Edges do not wrap.

  • Does not include fender and mirror kit parts.

  • Offers smaller width of coverage, usually less than 12".

  • Precision-cut to exactly fit your vehicle.

  • Fits 1/8" short of the hood edges so there is no wrapping to do.

  • Install easily and quickly, with little or no experience.


STANDARD Hood & Fender Kits are the most popular choice, and include the Hood, Fenders and Mirrors.

  • Gives reasonably wide partial coverage to Hoods & Fenders in the area that takes the majority of impact from rocks and road debris.
  • Hood Kits have extra material designed to wrap around the front and side edges of the hood.
  • Hood Kits are usually about 23-29" wide and are in most cases made from 25" or 30" wide film.
  • Fender Kits also wrap into the engine bay.
  • Mirror Kits are usually included if illustrated.


FULL Hood and Fender Kits

Select vehicles are offered with available Full Hood and Fender Kits.  These kits protect your body panels with no visible lines.  They are designed with 1/2" extra film around the edges to wrap wherever appropriate.  Full Hood kits are usually offered when a vehicle has badges, vents or other obstructions in the hood that would require cutting on the car if done with bulk roll stock. 

Some Full Hood Kits are offered in a Bulk  Hybrid Kit format.  

These kits are pre-cut to precision align the top edge of the hood, and still allow extra film for easily stretching and wrapping the sides and front edge of the hood.  Precision cut top edges are desirable where tucking that top edge is difficult to reach.  An alternative to a Bulk Hybrid Kit is to simply purchase 48" or 60" wide bulk film by-the-foot. Usually Full Fender Kits are offered separately.


Full Body Panel Kits

A good choice if you have a high end vehicle, pearl paint, or are concerned about damage from kids on bikes, shopping carts, or vandals with keys or spray paint.  It is easier to change one damaged panel of film than repaint the entire side of the vehicle.

These kits offer complete protection without any visible edge to the film.  Your vehicle will not even look like it has protection applied.  They are designed with 1/2" extra film around the edges to wrap wherever appropriate. 




 We offer packages of all the kits required to wrap an entire vehicle in 3M Pro Series PPF on select vehicles.  Ultimate Kits are usually discounted from the cost of purchasing all the kits separately, and are offered with an Installation Tool Kit, Gel and Free Shipping.  If you would like to wrap your entire vehicle in Gloss or Matte 3M Pro Series PPF please contact us for a quote.