Porsche Headlight Delamination Caution


There is a know issue with Porsche headlights involving delamination of the factory clear coat applied to certain headlights that can occur when Paint Protection Film is applied. As far as we know this issue is unique to Porsche.

You can search: "Porsche Headlight Delamination" on discussion groups for examples of what can happen and why.

On the one hand replacement headlights can be very very expensive, so protecting them from rock strikes is a good idea.  Also we hear the factory headlight clear coat is quite prone to chipping.  And Paint Protection Film helps prevent headlight yellowing.

On the other hand lateral forces from streaching Paint Protection Film over a compound surface like the headlight, combined with heat and time can cause some headlights to delaminate around the edges.  We hear this seems to be an issue that affects high temperature headlights and not so much the LED versions.

Customers must choose the lesser of the two evils.

We simply want you to be informed of the potential issue.

3M says NO WARRANTY on headlights.